Welcome to 'The OKeh Corral'. You may remember us from our eBay days under the same user name and store ID, possibly you've dealt with us under the name 'George's Gramophones' on our independent on- again- off- again site on the WWW, or maybe you are just finding us for the first time.

'We' and 'us' are George and Annette. George has been a 78RPM record collector since childhood, and Annette is an Artie Shaw collector who discovered 1920s 'hot jazz' in her quest for the earliest Shaw "sideman" recordings. George is a huge fan of pre WW1 opera and Depression- era classical recordings as well as jazz and the occasional blues that also dabbles in the great "Hi-Fi" classical recordings of the late 1950s.

We ran the eBay store together for most of a decade, and both of us are very well versed in cleaning/ preserving/ cataloging/ packing/ shipping fragile sound recordings worldwide. Don't forget- we're collectors, too, so we know what other collectors expect. We use Goldmine grading standards to rate our offerings- and grade conservatively. And, as always in the past, we offer an unconditional money back satisfaction guarantee on everything we sell. In 15 years online, we've had very few takers on the guarantee.

George has also been a windup gramophone/ phonograph collector and restorer since the early 1970s. His long- time "day job" is restoration of fine classic German automobiles, so he has the means, experience, and resources to repair and restore your machines correctly that others don't. Please ask for details if you have a special machine in need of attention.

We also accept record want lists and can help you find scarce phono/ gramo parts.

We're glad you stopped by!

Welcome to our Store!