How to Sell and Buy on Maple Street Market™

Maple Street Market™ (MSM) is an online selling cooperative of small business people experienced in the special art of peer-to-peer e-commerce, and have come together under one "roof" to provide merchandise ranging from antique and vintage to new and great customer service for customers.

We like to keep things simple, and believe this simplicity will create a relaxed and positive shopping experience for both sellers and buyers. This philosophy is different from other online marketplaces or e-commerce websites. MSM is a platform where sellers and buyers can come together and deal directly with each other in a concept known as a "peer-to-peer" marketplace.

Sellers who set up shop on MSM have applied and been accepted to join our marketplace community. They practice a high level of customer service developed over the years in "brick and mortar stores" and e-commerce. In recognition of that experience, MSM sellers set their own policies in how to interact with their customers. This means sellers will indicate what types of payment they accept and set their own return/refund policies.

Buyers register for a free account. When they make a purchase, the seller will send an invoice showing the total amount due. Buyers pay the invoice per the accepted forms of payment and provide accurate shipping information to the seller.

And that's all there is to it. If you have any questions on how we do business here on, please use the "Contact Us" form. MSM sellers are happy to answer any questions and can be contacted through the "Contact Seller" link that can be found on the listing pages.