Maple Street Market™ Inc. Buyer's Guidelines

As an online e-commerce cooperative, Maple Street Market™ Inc. (MSM) is comprised of independent, unique businesses. MSM is not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers, and does not transfer legal ownership of items from sellers to buyers. Thus, MSM has no control over the items listed, or the ability of sellers to sell items or buyers to pay for items.

As independent and unique businesses, sellers using our platform are self-governing and will offer varying return/refund policies, payment methods and shipping methods. Questions about a listing or purchase should be directed to the seller through the "contact seller" link found on the listing page.

Sellers on MSM practice exceptional customer service and will honor their own policies. If you have a problem with a purchase and are unable to reach a resolution with the seller, please contact MSM by clicking the ‘contact us’ link located at the top of every page.

A buyer is obligated to complete the purchase of an item on MSM within the time duration and payment method indicated in the listing. Prior to making a purchase, the buyer should review a seller's policies regarding refunds and returns.